Friday, 1 December 2017

Lowering the bells – Part 1

Monday morning 27/11/2017

Volunteers for both days were asked to gather at the church for 10am. With the vestry soon to become a hard hat area, refreshments were set up in the church. Graham Clifton from Whites of Appleton Ltd. Church Bellhangers gave the safety briefing. Richard from Gig House Films captured the moment for our Restoration Project film while some of the first of over 500 still photographs were taken to record the 3-day event.

First task was to unload the gear from Graham’s lorry.

The pallets for the bells arrived.

It’s a long way up to the belfry from the vestry.

The first bell down was bell 3, the middle bell, making its way down to the ringing chamber and then to the vestry.

The first bell, almost down, was tipped on its side to remove the clapper before being moved out of the vestry.

With one bell safely down, time for lunch.  

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