Sunday, 3 December 2017

Lowering the bells – Part 3

Tuesday morning 28/11/2017

There was a 9am start for day 2. Four bells down and one to go.

Plenty of filming taking place.

The last bell down, bell 5, the tenor, made it down to the vestry and was guided straight onto a pallet.  

Closely watched by Jim and Richard from Gig House Films.

Getting the tenor out of the vestry, it was time for a line-up of the day 2 team of volunteers, joined by our Rector Rev'd. Tim Weatherstone, with plenty of cameras watching on.

The tenor made its way back to the trailer to join the other bells.

There was still plenty to come down from the belfry, by rope this time.

Putting the wheels together gave a better appreciation of the scale.

A well-deserved lunch break. 

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